Flower Season Ended. We will re-open October 2021

Flower season has ended. We will re-open in Spring October 2021

What we hope for

We hope that if our blooms should find their way to you that they bring you joy, comfort, and inspiration. We hope that our flowers kindle your desire to reconnect with nature and ignite your creativity. We hope that our farming practices improve our environment, by increasing biodiversity and improving our soil health, which not only helps us grow beautiful, more drought tolerant flowers, but also helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Who we are

A husband and wife team, Brenda and Andrew, who love our little farm and the flowers we grow here in the beautiful Yass Valley.

What we grow

We grow a variety of seasonal cut flowers, including some old fashioned, harder to come by types – the kind that gets you reminiscing of a childhood spent in your Nanna’s garden. Our flowering season runs from early October until the first frosts in April.

How we grow

All our flowers are grown in the open field. We nurture our plants with only things organic, such as – sweet velvety compost, kelp, fish emulsions, compost teas, biodynamic preparations, manures provided by our livestock and mulching hay cut and baled from our own farm. We have no need or desire for nasty synthetic chemicals. We welcome and protect the bees, birds and creatures that now call our garden home. We are continually expanding our understanding of soil health and always mindful of our environmental impact. All up, rather than being just sustainable we aim to be regenerative.


I think it’s intrinsic in everyone to want to be of some kind of service to something.

So people, for example who are teachers, doctors, nurses or volunteers, want to be of service to humanity – somewhere deep down inside themselves, at a spiritual kind of level, they want to heal, help, inspire and educate other people. They know that none of us live forever. But if we can do something with good intentions within our lifetime that helps others to live a long, healthy and purposeful life, then our life has had meaning and has not been in vain.

At the end of the day our good intentions are what we have to offer to the world, and those  intentions can sometimes get clouded or corrupted by our consumerist society or lack of self-belief.

I could look at this flower farming thing purely just as a money making venture, in which case I’d have no problem nuking everything with poisonous chemicals and not give a fig about how much I’d be killing. I could just do the quickest, easiest kind of farming to turn a fast buck. But I avoid those things. I don’t always get it right, but everything I do in my garden is done with the best of intentions for protecting and advancing as much life as possible in my garden and ultimately the planet.

I have (like many farmers do!) deep at heart, an intrinsic need to be of service to nature – that’s my why.

I’ve heard it said that the word “sophisticated” is the opposite of natural. It scares me how much humanity’s sophistication has disconnected us from nature. We’ve forgotten we are only one of the threads in the grand web of life. Separating our thread has unbalanced the whole web.

So when I hand over those flowers I’ve grown to someone, I am not giving them just a bunch of flowers, I am giving them a bunch of intentions. My hope is that people get a sense of these intentions through my flowers.…and then become inspired themselves to be of some sort of service to nature too!

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