What we hope for

We hope that if our blooms should find their way to you that they bring you joy, comfort, and inspiration. We hope that our flowers kindle your desire to reconnect with nature and ignite your creativity. We hope to improve our environment through our farming practices, by increasing biodiversity and improving our soil health, helps us grow beautiful, more drought tolerant flowers.

Who we are

We are farmer florists, Brenda and Andrew – We love our little farm and the flowers we grow here in the beautiful Yass Valley.

What we grow

We grow a variety of seasonal cut flowers, including some old fashioned, harder to come by types – the kind that gets you reminiscing of a childhood spent in your Nana’s garden. Our flowering season here on the farm runs from early October until the first frosts in April. Flower bunches 100% grown by us here on our farm are sold under our “Good Hope Blooms” brand. We do however, understand you still need flowers during the colder months too! So during this time we source additional, quality flowers from other growers and wholesalers to supplement our supply. Our farmer/florist Brenda, puts together the flower arrangements here on our Good Hope farm and delivers them for you. These beautiful bunches containing blooms from other growers, are sold under “The Floral Sanctum” brand.

How we grow

All the flowers we grow ourselves here at Good Hope in the Yass Valley are nurtured  with only things organic, such as – sweet compost, kelp, fish emulsions, compost teas, biodynamic preparations, manures provided by our livestock and mulching hay cut and baled from our own farm. We have no need or desire for nasty synthetic chemicals. We welcome and protect the bees, birds and creatures that now call our garden home. We are continually expanding our understanding of soil and plant health and we’re always mindful of the  environmental impact of our farming practices.

Good Hope Blooms – Farmer Florist – Yass NSW