Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your flowers?

Our flower season runs from October to April. You can purchase our flowers through our web store for delivery to Yass during the season . We also do Farm gate sales- please check here on our website and/or social media for opening dates

How do I care for my flowers?

To ensure maximum vase life of your flowers here are a few tips:

1) Do not leave them for long without water.

2) Keep them out of bright  sun, very hot or very cold places.

3) When you get your flowers home remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline. Cut approximately 2cm off the bottom of the stem at an angle. Place flowers into a very clean vase of water. It should be clean enough to drink out of! You can add 1 teaspoon of sugar, plus 1 teaspoon of white vinegar (some people use bleach) to each litre of water. The sugar will feed the flowers and the vinegar will help to slow bacterial growth. Every couple of days re-cut the stems and put them into fresh solution.

4) Keep them away from fruit and vegetables. As fruit and vegetables ripen they give off ethylene gas which will cause flowers to wilt much sooner than they otherwise would.

Do you do weddings?

We don’t offer wedding floristry services, however when production allows, we do  offer  DIY flower buckets for you to arrange your own wedding/ event flowers.  Please contact us for more info

Can I come and look at your garden?

Our farm is also our family home, so therefore closed to the public. Thank you for your understanding.

For a flower garden tour fix you may find the following local options helpful

Are your flowers edible / can I use your flowers as cake decorations etc?

 While our flowers are grown using organic methods, many of the flowers we grow are known food allergens or poisonous plants to ingest ( e.g.: sweet peas, Larkspur, poppies, peonies just to name just a few). We grow for cut flower use only – a lot of what we grow is also rare/ unusual and we are unsure of their safety for culinary use, so we recommend you do not use any of our flowers as edibles or for cake decoration. There are farms that are dedicated edible flower growers, who would be better able to advise you on which flowers are safe to use. Do not use fresh flowers in or on consumables unless you are absolutely 100% sure of their safety.

I'd like to become a flower farmer- Can I pick your brain?

Consultations/ Resources for aspiring flower farmers…

We’re often asked by aspiring flower farmers for one on one consultations/information on flower farming.  While we don’t offer consultations (sorry), we are more than happy to share here a list of resources that helped us immensely on our journey. We’ve also included a link to our own Flower Farming Tips article from back in 2018 when Will Work For Food visited us for an article. Link to our own tips for flower farmers from 2018 article by Will Work For Food

Online resources USA based:  So much wonderful information and  online courses   This is a fantastic podcast by Flower Farming guru Jennie Love    This is the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. A tremendous resource for growers all around the globe.  Great Youtube resources here from a Flower Farming couple in the U.S.   Love this magazine! Covers a huge array of topics for growers of flowers and veggie  This lady started the “Slow Flowers” concept


Online resources Australian based:  Dish The Dirt Podcast. A Great podcast featuring Australian flower farmers   Not really flower related but a great Aussie regenerative farming  podcast  More great general regenerative farming info podcast



The Flower Farmer – Lynn Byczynski

Cool Flowers- Lisa Mason Ziegler

Dead Head- Jeriann Sabin/ Ralph Thurston


Handmade Gardening Tools  artisan handmade – great quality and prices


Seed Suppliers:


Compost:  certified organic compost




Cool room / Cool Bot suppler

Do you offer employment, internships or take on volunteers /work experience students?

Thank you for your interest- we really appreciate it. Sorry, we do not currently have any employment opportunities and are not in a position to offer internships or take on volunteers/ work experience students. You might like to try contacting who may  possibly be able to steer you in the direction of  a flower farm offering a placement


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