Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your flowers?

You can purchase our flowers through our web store for delivery to areas including Yass and Murrumbateman (Sorry no Canberra delivery nor farm gate sales). Each Friday we also have bunches available for purchase at Trader and Co at 92 Meehan St, Yass

Do you do weddings?

No, sorry we don’t offer wedding floristry services, but we are happy to recommend some excellent florists who can help you

Can I visit the farm?

While we’d love to be a able to say yes, unfortunately we are unable to take time out from our busy farming schedule to offer farm visits /tours.  Our farm is also our family home, so therefore closed to the public. We appreciate your understanding.

Are your flowers edible / can I use your flowers as cake decorations etc?

 While our flowers are grown using organic methods, many of the flowers we grow are known food allergens or poisonous plants to ingest ( e.g.: sweet peas, Larkspur, poppies, peonies just to name just a few). We grow for cut flower use only – a lot of what we grow is also rare/ unusual and we are unsure of their safety for culinary use, so we recommend you do not use any of our flowers as edibles or for cake decoration. There are farms that are dedicated edible flower growers, who would be better able to advise you on which flowers are safe to use. Do not use fresh flowers in or on consumables unless you are absolutely 100% sure of their safety.

Can I choose the flowers I get in my bunch or bucket?

We select a mix of types and colours of our seasonal flowers for you, this ensures you get the absolute freshest of flowers.

Do you sell to florists?

Yes, where our production allows, we supply florists in our local region. Please contact us for availability.

Do you ship flowers?

No, our flowers are only available locally in the Yass Valley region.

How do I care for my flowers?

To ensure maximum vase life of your flowers here are a few tips:

1) Do not leave them for long without water.

2) Keep them out of bright  sun, very hot or very cold places.

3) When you get your flowers home remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline. Cut approximately 2cm off the bottom of the stem at an angle. Place flowers into a very clean vase of water. It should be clean enough to drink out of! You can add 1 teaspoon of sugar, plus 1 teaspoon of white vinegar (some people use bleach) to each litre of water. The sugar will feed the flowers and the vinegar will help to slow bacterial growth. Every couple of days re-cut the stems and put them into fresh solution.

4) Keep them away from fruit and vegetables. As fruit and vegetables ripen they give off ethylene gas which will cause flowers to wilt much sooner than they otherwise would.